Project Description

Indian Photography Wedding has become a specialist over the years in capturing the most stunning Indian wedding photographs. Our huge customer base aided our client, Miss Aarti to reach us. Miss Aarti is the mother of Miss Sonakshi who is soon getting married. As a bride’s mother, Miss Aarti had a lot of wishes and dreams for her daughter’s wedding. She wanted us to cover every ceremony -also known as ‘Rasam’ in Hindi, taking place at the wedding. Since Indian weddings are all about culture, traditions and diversity; we managed to represent all three through our photographs. The excitement, anticipation, affection and sentiments displayed by people of culture, were beautifully captured in pictures. With our photography expertise, we were able to get separate portraits of the bride and groom, combined portraits of the bride and groom and the last family portrait added to various candid shots. Miss Aarti was highly satisfied with our service and wanted to work with us more in future.

The team of Indian wedding photography ensured:

  • To bring out colors to capture all the dynamic range in the scene.
  • To create creative imagery for our client’s Indian wedding.
  • To shoot photos with perfect lighting techniques.


‘ I’m so glad that i hired them for my daughter’s wedding photography. Their work was enough to leave everyone spellbound. I’m looking forward to working with them more in future.’
Miss Aarti